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Hidden Answers Part I
How You Have Control To Heal And Change Your Body, Your Health, Your Habits.

Simply put,  life starts at an energy first.

The material contained here can be quite deep for most people and possibly somewhat hard to digest, especially if you come from a life time of main stream everything is physical and out of your control programming.  It is not required reading, or knowledge, but is placed here for those who simply need a deeper understanding of how things work behind the scenes.

With that being said, lets start with the "everything is physical" concept because this truly is the most difficult yet fundamental concept to grasp about our reality we call life. 

You can do your own homework after you read it to see for yourself this collection of  presented information is cutting edge true from the newer understandings of quantum physics to the newer understandings of biology which have not filtered down into standard medical community as of yet.   Here we go...

We all suffer from the same basic illusion, that being: We are mostly solid physical beings.

The truth is, it is just the opposite. 

Your bodies 30 to 50 trillion cells are all made up of Atoms which are the smallest part of you.  And each Atom, is 99.999999999999% empty space, and the dense parts of the atom come out of no where (energy field) into particle matter, then disappear back into no where (energy field).  Einstein E=mc2

This means you are; endlessly physically changing from an energy life field into a partially physical form mostly not here in dense matter. 
In fact you are only .000000000001% physically here!   Mind blowing isn't it?  

Can't accept that?  Try this!  A similar illusional analogy can be made of television or the motion pictures where a series of still frame pictures, strung together one after another, shown at a fast speed, makes your mind believe it's real and moving as you do.   Even, more mind blowing is those moving pictures are informational light photons that you are looking at, which are not even physical. Yet you get lost in a movie, as you do in life.

I know this is simple fact is the hardest concept for most people to grasp. That's because because you have been trained your whole life to focus on the small foreground view, and dismiss the the larger picture behind it like the depth of field of a picture as shown to the right.  In fact, your eyes only see a tiny slice of the total electromagnetic energy spectrum which is only one source of energy and dismiss the rest. 

Of course you taste, touch, smell, see, hear, and hopefully bleed too when your cut.  But It all follows some interactive rules of perception which to some degrees are different from person to person, and at various times in our four dimensional world of height, width, length, time. 

Even time can very in perception.  Many people in auto accidents recall the split second event as happening in slow motion with every detail seeming to take a long time to complete, then bam... back to what we normally agree to as time.   Or is that time really agreed to ?  A certain task can be a long drawn out never ending drudgery for one, and a blink of the eye, to soon to be over pleasure for the other.  And why do some people seem to age faster, or slower than others?  Starting to see the picture?  Something unseen here is influencing the so called physical side of life.

And what is really solid?  When a hammer strikes a nail?  As you do some homework into quantum physics you will find that not only do no two atoms even touch each other within either the hammer or the nail, but that the hammer never really touches the nail itself.  It is only the energy fields of the atoms of the hammer that do impact the nail, much like when you hold the repelling poles of two magnets together in your hands and feel there power.

You can feel your body as surely as you can feel the power of love or hate.  Your senses are designed to perceive the energetic world around you in a way that you can interpret it to a set of both somewhat commonly shared perceptions and solely individual perceptions as well. 

If you're starting by now to wonder if you took the red pill instead of the blue pill as in the movie the matrix (or maybe I did) you may not be that far off.  As science is finally proving not all is that is seems to be, and even the mere effect of observing some of their experiments effects the experiment itself by being observed.  And even non-physical forces like intention, have been physically recorded in a variety of repeatable scientific experiments which happens to also be the basis of many prayers as taught by many religions.

The points being made here are to help you get past what may be limiting perceptions that were passed onto you by others who unknowingly live by limiting perceptions that were passed onto them as well.  Knowledge and awareness change over time when one is ready for it.  Are you ready to see how this can relate to your health as well?

By the way, what or who do you think occupies that  99.999999999999% empty space, within your space?

The bottom line is this:  Everything is Energy,
Including You!
Still Not Understanding? 

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you are only .000000000001%  physically here!

Energy can't be destroyed, only transformed!


Now that you hopefully understand what your really are made of, lets look at how this applies your body and health!

Recent scientific discoveries in Epigenetics (above the genes) have proven that you function from the top down, not the bottom up.    So, what does that mean to you?   

You're More Than You Thought

It was previously thought that we were first chemically based.

Then it became know that it was the energy side of your system that triggered the other processes within your body that then materialized into natural chemicals, proteins, enzymes, etc, (building blocks) that eventually control and forms your body in a bi-directional process. Were talking health and illness here too.

It is the energetic informational signals that determine things.

Physical Traumas & Disease: A broken bone can be much more than a physical disruption, it is a virtual break in the reflective energetic body pattern itself, along with many other related energetic emotional shockwaves that travel throughout the system.  If just looking at this broken bone x-ray effects you emotionally in any way, shape or form, as if it happened to you, then you're starting to get the idea.

Everything surrounding the event gets recorded into the system, and played back on many levels, for many years, if not a lifetime. Even how the person physically responds to the healing process is effected by this, not to mention possible future attached fears, phobias, habits, and related weaknesses. Compound this with any other recorded physical, or emotional wounds and you have the basis for some real complex health issues.  If these related energetic issues are not discharged by some means such as body energy balancing they can remain in the system to manifest somehow as a health issue.

Many diseases arise from this non-physical part of your body as well.  Addressing the sources that trigger the physical manifestation, or disease presentation in the body has been shown in many cases to have many degrees of improvements.

Emotional Traumas & Disease:  A common shared human experience of the near death process throughout recorded history, on every continent, every culture, every day, including today somewhere with someone, is the "Life Review"

Amazingly it is described with some very common similarities such as, a 360 degree vivid panoramic view unlike one sees with ones eyes, even to people who were blind, and being apart from the physical body with very clear thoughts and perceptions.   Also, during an entire life movie, or segmented portions of, it's reported when reliving their personal experiences with someone from their life, they feel not only their feelings but those of the other person as well. This knowingness of how you effected the other person on many levels, and where they were coming from towards you can be a very different perception than the limited perceptions we have here that effect and form our life, loves, fears, opinions, etc.

Without getting into long debates about all the variables to this shared experience, the question here is where, or into what, is all this information stored or recorded into for such an experience to be replayed from?

Many believe it is part of the bodies life energies and or soul.  In other words, everything and every moment is part of the system, both physical, and emotional.  All worldly experiences however deeply buried and forgotten are all present at some accumulated level as well as the remembered ones.  And very few of these experiences are from total understanding point of view from all involved and all reasons.  But the physical effects both known, and unknown can be life long.  Many health issues come from this area of your life and being tough, just doesn't resolve them, or can medicine or surgery touch them.  That's why addressing them from an energetic level through the unhealthy physical presentation they bring into your body, or life can be so helpful.

Your Cells Are Living Liquid Crystal Energy Semi-Conductors
Just Like A Liquid Crystal Radio, They Listen And Respond To The Good or Bad Signals Received.

The bodies environment and energy side of you controls the genes, the genes don't control you as once thought.

The Wisdom of Your Cells - Bruce Lipton, PhD
Your Cells Are Living Liquid Crystal Energy Semi-Conductors

 The DNA blue print which was once thought the center of all has suffered many scientific egotistical set backs starting with the human genome project when it was found that some simple one celled life forms held more complex DNA structures (up to twice as many genes) than the top of the food chain, us.  To make matters worse for the DNA center of the universe proponents, was when it was found you can take the RNA / DNA out of the cell, it would still function just fine until it came time to "reproduce" off the blue print.  In fact many sick cells improved in the petri dish when taken out of the unhealthy environment of the patients body who was sick.

The cells can be influenced as can the DNA.

Also discovered, was the DNA blue print for many physical conditions can be effected by the energetic side of you. Thus, once again showing how much impact you have over even family health genetics through environment and deeply held belief systems which are also part of the energetic side of the bodies subtle energy system.  So, it's not just that the gene is turned on or off so much as, "who or what" is flipping the switch on the same potentially dangerous gene all carried, but not all choose to activate at some level of their being. 

Your Genes Control Your Body, Your Behavior, and Your Emotion.  Yet You Control Your Genes!

Ever hear of the "Happy Gene"?  At first they thought these genes only controlled the physical form, but the more they started to manipulate genes, they saw that they were also influences on behavior and emotion. Suddenly, the genes took on more profound meaning.  Again Epigenetics shows genes can be influenced from the top energy side down, which can account for more of who you really are, do, and feel, then you can imagine.

Even multiple personality cases have been able to change the physical make up of their body within minutes of entry control of that personality.  There is plenty of documentation where the eye color changes, voices change, allergies appear/disappear, and even other physical body changes all manifest away from one physical presentation to another, all in the same body, quickly.

There are cases with twins or other family members with the same genetic markers that don't always manifest the condition, as it has been shown the difference between the two was attitude, belief, or environment.  Kinda like the contractor telling the architect, we are changing the kitchen, so you change the blue print.  Even science is now showing that you are not always sentenced to genetics, but more to "the what is" telling the genetics to turn on or off, because most all of you operates on an unconscious energetic level.

So, what does this mean to you? 

Basically, you have more control of your Health, Habits, and Emotions than you can imagine.

This of course can work for you, or against you.  Unfortunately positive thinking is not enough, because most of our life operates at an unconscious level where these energetic instructions are stored. 

Just as a simple, conscious, sexual thought, - can change the whole physiological make up of your body from heart rate, respiration, perspiration, swelling, and more.  Other deeper, constant, subconscious, energetic connections, can direct the body and habits unknowingly to various other long-term unhealthy outcomes. Thus, your bodies energy polarity can be reversed in many areas. This is why most New Years Resolutions don't work, consciously wanting to improve something doesn't change, physical conditions are surfacing that are not healthy.

Many physical conditions at there core, are really energetic connection conditions, uncontrollable short term at a conscious level.  Stress for an example can manifest in many physical manifestations that can be treated with chemicals, or even surgery.  And many of these conditions reoccur after standard treatments remove them because the source of the condition has not been corrected.

Energy can't be destroyed, only transformed!

Albert Einstein, who told us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy was right.  You are a energy being first, and body second.  Energy body balancing works with this side of you. 

 Please ponder this a moment, then read the story below.

In the near death experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict,  while in hospice care beyond medical treatment, and after his clinical death, lasting over 1 1/2 hours, he recalls most all the vivid details.  In part: He was shown in his life review "The moment he gave himself brain cancer years earlier" from the deep seeded subconscious beliefs he had about something that then manifested into the tumor.  Also, upon returning to life in his stiff body, his cancer was gone.  This is a documented event, and he is one of the worlds must studied and researched NDE Returnees who now travels the world sharing the knowledge of how important you really are to yourself, and how you really work.

Its been said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  I would like to rephrase that a bit.

"We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, that in turn influences our spirit, which in turn influences our physical experience, and then back again."  © Daniel J Zieler